Before the Covid 19 era offline courses were the way to go. Now of course they will continue to be banned or restricted in many ways until the pandemic situation has improved. This situation is likely to persist till late in 2021.

Our offline courses are conducted in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi as well as at affiliate centers elsewhere in the coutry. With excellent audio-visual support and outstanding teachers, these classes are extremely enlightening for students. Our faculty helps develop not only knowledge but more importantly your understanding of different issues and the ability to analyse issues. We help you to beyond the news by linking issues to their background as well as in understanding nuances.

Our main effort is in inculcatiing interdisciplinary skills among students. This would mean for example, that in looking at tensions in Sino Indian relations you should understand not only the historical and geographical dimensions but also situate it in the emerging US-China cold war, South and South East Asian scenario, the global technology race, international economics as well as be able to relate it to the domestic political environment in India and China.

Classroom courses are also integrated with MCQ tests as well as emphasis on framing and writing answers to typical main examination questions.

Classroom courses cover General Studies, Essay writing as well as select optional subjects.

More details will be made available when it is safe to resume classroom courses.

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